Friday, May 28, 2010

The In-betweens

You know the times when you laugh out loud and everyone looks at you wondering what the duce you're laughing at and you're a little embarrassed...except you know it was really funny?
Or...Right after that really satisfying kiss, they walk away and you savor it for a few more seconds?
Or...The feeling you get as the blood rushes up through your chest into your head when you know you're about to get into an argument?

Those times when you've just done something so stupid and there's no going back or the moment before you walk into a party where you know you're "ex" will be, waiting, ... with those eyes. The times when someone touches you and you shake a little as your body responds to the feeling of touch, you try to hide the enjoyment of it and revel in it at the same time. Or those moments when you look at someone for a bit too long but you both acknowledge that its good, you smile, they smile, and then the awkward turn away.

Do you remember the pit in your stomach when someone is about to tell you that a friend was in an accident and is...or aching you get when you realized that you've failed one too many times and as the world closes in on you, all you can do is wait?

Do you remember? These are The In-Betweens, the moments that no one sees, the seconds we keep to ourselves and then store away in our memories. The little idiosyncrasies that make us all human, in my opinion the best and most honest part of us. If you're reading this, rub your arm, I dare you, take a second to just feel what it's like. It can be

It's just a thought, one of many we've had today but didn't think important enough to write down. Well I think you are important,..who ever is reading this, I think you're pretty damn great.