Thursday, November 5, 2009

On the set of "The Green Hornet"

As I sit on the steps of building 1201, my belly begins to rumble. I haven't eaten all day and my energy begins to run low. Downtown L.A. stares me in the face as pre-movie magic happens before me. I'm early, and although I knew I would be and would have nothing to do for an hour and a half, I came early anyway. Maybe to make a good impression. Does it matter? (The grumpy woman signing us all in Says "I'll deal with you at 4:30, until then, Sit down!") Apparently not! Yet we don't fight fire with fire now. This lesson I have learned in my travels, time to strap on the guppy smile and take on the honor of being an extra.

Today I saw the sunset in the east. As the sun sets in the west, it reflects off of one of the mamouth Downtown L.A. buildings so bright that it looks and feels like a real sunset. Remarkable, imagine watching the sun set in the middle of a city.

It's a funny thing to put aside your pride and continue forward. It makes everything feel new. like the first time you were on set, the amazement and wonder felt by your eyes as they take in the scenery. We all remember that first time, your smile is as wide as the nile river, continually hoping they give you a speaking part upgrade, watching the actors perform. I decided way back then that this would be my career and I began my journey. 15 years later, I begin again, this time in L.A. Hopefully I will yeild the same results as in previous years.

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