Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you can't Hold on...If you can't hold on...Hold on!

To all the soldiers of the revolution. To all of the people who have reached out to grab their dreams and returned with a fist full of nothing. To everyone who has dreamed of a better world and then awoke in this one. To all of the single mothers, to all of the single fathers, to all of the lonely people. To all who love art because it inspires, not because in brings in a net profit. To all of the parents who see their children on stage and are proud because their kid is trying, not because he/she is getting exposure. To all of the dreamers who believe that love is something so powerful, it's still undefined and misunderstood. To all of the romantics who work to try to define and understand love. To anyone who's ever cried at the end of moulin rouge. To all of the uncompromising family in New York still trying to make it, to everyone in Chicago still on the grind, to everyone in L.A. trying to move on up, and to all my peeps in Utah keeping their dreams alive in a state where only one dream is excepted as they sing "Any dream will do". And to everyone who knows deep down in their core that there is a better way, Hold on.

Believe it or not, Reinforcements are coming.
Viva la Revolution.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

On the set of "The Green Hornet"

As I sit on the steps of building 1201, my belly begins to rumble. I haven't eaten all day and my energy begins to run low. Downtown L.A. stares me in the face as pre-movie magic happens before me. I'm early, and although I knew I would be and would have nothing to do for an hour and a half, I came early anyway. Maybe to make a good impression. Does it matter? (The grumpy woman signing us all in Says "I'll deal with you at 4:30, until then, Sit down!") Apparently not! Yet we don't fight fire with fire now. This lesson I have learned in my travels, time to strap on the guppy smile and take on the honor of being an extra.

Today I saw the sunset in the east. As the sun sets in the west, it reflects off of one of the mamouth Downtown L.A. buildings so bright that it looks and feels like a real sunset. Remarkable, imagine watching the sun set in the middle of a city.

It's a funny thing to put aside your pride and continue forward. It makes everything feel new. like the first time you were on set, the amazement and wonder felt by your eyes as they take in the scenery. We all remember that first time, your smile is as wide as the nile river, continually hoping they give you a speaking part upgrade, watching the actors perform. I decided way back then that this would be my career and I began my journey. 15 years later, I begin again, this time in L.A. Hopefully I will yeild the same results as in previous years.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


With all of this talk about the end times and what will happen in 2012 and whatever else, I feel we are neglecting to look at the present, this is the Apocalypse. When people decide that money is more important than other people, when coffee is more important that taking your baby to the emergency room, when you make six figures in a business suit but can't afford to give change to the homeless because you're running late or because they may just be another CEO in a business suit on there day off. When medicine stops helping people, all people, and continues to keep them sick, when a government can't pass a bill that will help everyone because of fear of change,when a man beats his wife and family because of work and social pressures, when Starbucks raises prices on already expensive coffee, when art is considered expendable in our schools, when bailouts are given to people who have been stealing from everyone(and this is public knowledge), when actors are judged by their marketability rather by their talent or the content of their character, when dreams are made to be silly and hopes categorized as dreams or as make believe, when a generation has forgotten how to love so we just say it's "uncool".
It's time for us to create our own future, our own destiny.
Thank you to all of those people who help when you see a car ran out of gas, thank you for holding the elevator, thank you for waiting 2 more minutes for your extra hot, no foam, skinny vanilla Latte, Thank you for doing your job even though you are sick because you know others need you, thank you for putting in extra hours at work, thank you for having a dream that one day all men, black men and white men, Jews and gentiles, protestants and Catholics would be able to sit together at the table of brother hood. Thank you Tracy Callahan for believing that we can say something with words that can echo through to a persons soul.

The time for concern is now, if ever you were going to be a revolutionary, if ever you were going to speak about injustice, prop #8, racism, if ever you were going to do a play in a courtyard in the middle of the town in the hopes of expanding minds, if ever you were going to write that one song, glory, before you go, if ever you were going to love for real and forever, until death do you part,... Now is the time.
Don't wait until the end to begin.

For all that I love,
Viva la resistance,