Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you can't Hold on...If you can't hold on...Hold on!

To all the soldiers of the revolution. To all of the people who have reached out to grab their dreams and returned with a fist full of nothing. To everyone who has dreamed of a better world and then awoke in this one. To all of the single mothers, to all of the single fathers, to all of the lonely people. To all who love art because it inspires, not because in brings in a net profit. To all of the parents who see their children on stage and are proud because their kid is trying, not because he/she is getting exposure. To all of the dreamers who believe that love is something so powerful, it's still undefined and misunderstood. To all of the romantics who work to try to define and understand love. To anyone who's ever cried at the end of moulin rouge. To all of the uncompromising family in New York still trying to make it, to everyone in Chicago still on the grind, to everyone in L.A. trying to move on up, and to all my peeps in Utah keeping their dreams alive in a state where only one dream is excepted as they sing "Any dream will do". And to everyone who knows deep down in their core that there is a better way, Hold on.

Believe it or not, Reinforcements are coming.
Viva la Revolution.