Saturday, June 5, 2010


What it is it about us that we desperately need to be seen? “He’s an actor, he really only exists when you’re watching him.”

Did you know that people are different? And sometimes trying to put labels on them in order for you to better understand them can actually hurt them and push them away?

The amount of things I have to day in a day physically and mentally to stay alive is overwhelming.

If I scream inside for 15 years will I eventually be heard? I mean I get that if a tree falls in the forest you might not hear it, but what if 10,000 trees fall, do you think you'll be sitting there sipping your extra foam, soy vanilla, latte and think, "What was that?" Maybe that's how the world will end. With no one even knowing what happened. No one paying attention, everyone just...Have you ever been sitting in a cafe and accidentally listening to someone's conversation? It seems intrusive doesn't it. I wish it wasn't. People need dramatic example to learn they say, who are we to presume what people need? Who are we not to try and figure it out? If life was as simple as being happy, we wouldn't have capitalism, money, or anything that says that I am better or more deserving than you. So is communism happiness? Isn't happiness a word the tries to define a feeling? Whats bigger than happiness?

This is an attempt to get this feeling out of my chest, this lead weight, this burden maybe. Its uncompromising. Uncompromising, like so much in this world. I think that means the world is a part of me, as much as I fight against it. So what's the other part? The falling tree that no one hears?..